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Vermont meets Texas through Global Read Aloud

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We had a fantastic experience today as a final activity, after reading The One and Only Ivan, through the Global Read Aloud Project. We discussed “How Ivan grew into his own stength and wisdom” and “How did we recognize that he was changing?” (Question credit to the Global Read Aloud). We also discussed what it meant “to belong” through each character’s point-of-view.


The Ivan and Ruby Protest

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Today we were the protesters trying to get the public to win freedom for Ivan and Ruby in the Global Read Aloud book, The One and Only Ivan. We borrowed the idea from one of our Global teachers, Deana Kipp from Manchester, Pennyslvania. We also tried out the free site Heartbooth. Tomorrow we are super excited to talk with students in Burlington, Vermont. This will be an exicting moment because we will talk to her students right after we finish the book. I always try to get my students to create inferences so we will try to include them into the protest posters. Did I mention that they did not want to go to recess?

Share a book with the world on gorillas

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I can’t wait to get my students started on the Global Read Aloud book, The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Check out the International Gorilla Research Program at shared by teacher Billy Spicer.

Also shared by Rhonda Ludec was a site (by Amanda Solesbee) with a
Trip Advisory that is excellent to learn about the gorillas in the Congo.

For a literacy center to give your students the ability to personally know gorillas in the wild, download the app iGorilla.