Join Smith on the Oregon Trail

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Another novel we read each year is “Bound for Oregon”. Games and sites have changed over the past couple of years and I have found two activities that are appropriate for our centers. I played the free American Settler iPod app and think that our students would enjoy it.

For the computers, I used the Oregon Trail Thinkquest

If you teach “History Alive”, I would continue with the Westward Expansion unit. The students love to fill out the big checks to buy the land with the American presidents’ signatures (and you can review decimals and fractions). It also helps them remember the events because they are on the floor moving across the the United States to participate in the westward movement.


All aboard for science and reading at Smith

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Gearing up for a self-contained classroom using technology.  Today I used a great app called Link Lite!-lite/id488560322?mt=8 that teaches students how to build bridges out of different materials.  This will fit in well with our class reading, our “Bridge to Terabithia” novel.  Perhaps we will build and destroy bridges again this year

PBS also had an outstanding interactive website, and used along with the on-line movie “How Things Work” on the history of bridges creates great discussions on engineering. I only would play one section a day.

Batter up! Let’s do science!

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Fresh off the press! Our new school theme this year is baseball. Check out this site for baseball science and math activities. It is a bit old fashioned but don’t let that make you click away. The activities will fit into your curriculum.

Go Skeeters!

Smith: On your mark, get started, READ!

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The Bluebonnet nominations are out. Check out this site for these great books at

I am excited to see the book “Thunderbirds” and I can’t wait to use it to introduce our lesson for writing our own class book on owls. I will review the books on the Goodreads link to the right. In the meantime, I have listed some of my favorites and I can’t wait to find out what my students like to read.

Mutli-Cultural Day at Smith Elementary

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We now end each year with an exciting week learning about other cultures. I wonder what kind of new memories we will make for our students in 2013!

Multi-cultural Day Skyping

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Welcome 2012 -2013 new students and parents

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This site will be used as a home for finding everything that you need in fifth grade.

The pages will include:

An updated Powerpoint for parents on procedures, curriculum and future events for fifth grade. This page will also include schoolwide events.

A place for spelling words and study aids and anything else related to Language Arts.

A student blog to include at least one technology blog for group experiments using the scientific method.

A page for links to math practice activities for both the internet and iPod apps.

A page for recommended books by both students and teachers.