Graphing student stories with Desmos iPad app

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Looking forward to our new unit on input-output tables, generating patterns, and graphing results.


Dreaming of ice cream in science with Legos.

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This was Khushi’s first Lego movie showing her knowledge of some properties of water.  We really learned from this one and “smashed” three apps together.  She used the 365 app to make her slides and loaded them into her Lego movie app.  We still had the problem of slowing the slides down for reading and not the Lego slides.  We finally mastered the iMovie app and were able to just adjust the slide.  Another great first movie!

Birds of a Feather (or at least some) at Smith!

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So far about 26 babies, 15 eggs, and NO SPARROW NESTS!

Smith fifth graders visit Aggies for the day!

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Many more pictures and movies to be posted. Students really enjoyed the university campus and learned a lot of useful information. The Bush Library was outstanding as always and had many displays on DNA and genetics this year.

Our Czech epals share their school

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Czech School

Really excited to receive our first movie from the Czech Republic. The students there made their own movie for us! They gave us a tour of their school and many highlights including their cafeteria and their athletic skills at playing basketball. We are also thrilled to read about their own Czech version of Cinderella. Apparently, it is famous throughout Europe and is watched by millions during Christmas.

Great math day: 12/12/12

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Math doesn’t get better than a day like today. Did you brainstorm with your classes on all of the ways we use 12 in our lives? A dozen eggs, 12 inches in a foot, tracking our minutes over 12 hours, zodiac signs, religions, Greek history, 12 Star Trek movies…the list goes on and on. See today’s Houston Chronicle.