Bridge building at Smith

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Smith has the best beaks!

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Today we had a fine feathered time exploring with different bird beaks to get a better understanding about animal adaptations. Above is the ripping action of a hawk beak tearing apart its prey!

Animation made simple with science characters

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Today we made unique animals in our class. The newly created animals had to show how they found food, protected themslves, and moved around. I wanted to show my team how fast it would be to make a short animation movie with these creatures, showing off the animal characters and adaptations. Our principal just delivered a new iPad to each of his teachers and I really want the team to see how easy they are to use. This is a dinky movie made only to show the possibilities. We took 3 minutes to take the pictures, 2 minutes to make the slides on Movie Maker Live and 1 minute to pick a fast tune. So don’t get too excited, but use this as a launching pad as to what could be…

What materials would keep my house just the right temperature?

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Earlier in the year we experimented with different types of materials including fur, diapers, sod, newspaper and cardboard and we proved with data and graphs the best materials for building a house. We related how animals survived in the wild with extreme cold and hot temperatures. This was another fantastic activity. Tried to use Vimeo with no luck today so I just played with some of Splice’s features that I never have time for during the school week.

I wish I could dissect owl pellets every day

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I heard this the entire class period inbetween, gross, this is just not right. Then we ramped up the comments when we viewed a movie watching the owls bring up their pellets from their stomachs mouths. We even saw a clip of someone who collects these pellets for a living.

This post and movie were all done on my iPad for the first time. I am using Splice but haven’t found another free alternative yet that works with my older iPad.

Smith students’ collaborative habitats

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It was fantastic to hear the discussions while students created habitats for their selected animals this year. Lots of discussions using outstanding vocabulary (climate, freshwater, salt water, predators, shelter, etc.) Students were to focus and discuss living and non-living examples in their presentations.