Bridge building at Smith

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Let the bridge competition begin at Smith!

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Smith Skeeter Geobug is ready for Opening Day with the Round Rock Express

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Human Report:
Picked this up from my first cache near work!! I will be leaving it soon in a cache in Round Rock near the Dell diamond home of the Round Rock Express (Triple-A Minor league Baseball) player development team for the Texas Rangers!!

Smith Geobug

Interesting facts awaiting my class. The Round Rock Express has three owners including Nolan Ryan, and they are a Triple A baseball team associated with the Texas Rangers. Also the town was originally named Brushy named after Brushy Creek. The post office actually asked Brushy to pick another name because there was already a Brushy in Texas. The Chisholm trail passes nearby. The Chisholm trail was famous for getting cattle from the Southwest to the Midwest.

Smith fifth students generate original probability date and make predictions

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This activity was loved by our students because they really enjoyed walking around the room to collect data. Still using Animoto after again exploring other sites today. Most want to charge you to download or share on YouTube, so I think that I will stick with Animoto. Tomorrow I might try some iPad apps instead. I always am happy with MovieMaker Live at school. It is a great product and allows a bit more creativity.

Math Rules at Smith fifth grade

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Post math rules renamed in student’s name this year and watch your students sit up a bit more prouder when you use them during math.



Smith Skeeter bug lives another day

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Skeeter bug has traveled 93.80 miles and we will record it on our classroom map!
Skeeter Bug pic 1

Skeeter Bug pic 2

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Discovered this little guy flying high over the Travel Bug Motel 6twenty in Round Rock, TX when suddenly out of nowhere he was under attack from other guests at the Motel. He fought valiantly and eventually set himself free and took up residence in the Motel for a brief rest and recovery before moving on. Whew! That was a close one.

Frames to make one wonder and think

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In a recent workshop at our school, we were taught about a new fantastic tool to use to help boost our higher level thinking. Basically, a rectangle is cut out of a sheet of paper and the students place a picture or an object inside. I have already used these frames with our student novels and our students drew a main character to place inside to discuss. This time we used geometric figures inside. Students can complete such stems as, “I wonder…”, “In real life…”, “This compares to…”. It is difficult at first, but once students understand what is needed, the conversations come to them naturally.