First article by Smith student newspaper reporter

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Picture of Smith Teacher of the Year Dolores Perez
Cydney Parks

Smith Elementary third grade teacher Dolores Perez is the Smith Elementary Teacher of the Year. Perez jokes, “What little girl doesn’t want to become a teacher?” A teacher for ten years, Perez is now working on a Master’s Degree in Information and Library Sciences. Congratulation Dolores Perez!
Smith Elementary is teaming up with the No Place for Hate (NPFH) campaign to support our school to combat hate and build respect. Every student and teacher at Smith has signed a “vow” to stop bullying and make a difference at our school. Assistant Principal Carla Thomas commented, “I think No Place for Hate will continue to make school a safe and peaceful place.”
Smith music teacher Malory Waldo has her Rhythm Club players practicing for an upcoming August performance. The players will perform for the Lamar ISD convocation ceremony. There will be special songs to set a Caribbean mood.


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