Fifth Graders Sweet Statistical Computation Collaboration

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We are looking for other classes to participate in our investigation if the claims made by a company are truthful. According to students at a recent College of Natural Science exhibit at the University of Texas in Austin, the makers of M&M’s state a bag contains the following: 14% are yellow, 20% are orange, 24% are blue, 13% are red, 16% are green and 13% are brown. We would like to investigate whether these claims are correct. Please fill out our form and we will provide the results in December on our site with a histogram.

We are experimenting on posting our form on Edmodo too.

I would like to give credit to the teacher at I have adapted this site and have based our project on the UT project with permission from the students and would like to give full credit to both places. We are using a 19.2 oz bag of plain M&M’s for our investigation.


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