Skeeter Bug Take 2

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Smith Elementary sent another Geobug into the world this week. Wish it good luck. The last one left the Sugar Land Airport to parts unknown. So Skeeter Bug is going to take his chances and leave from Austin. Below is a description of his mission!

My name is Skeeter Bug and my mission is to travel around to cities with major and minor league baseball teams. My fan club consists of a second and fifth grade classroom in Rosenberg, Texas. They want to practice their math and count my footsteps. On the way, they would love to more learn more about the teams in the cities that I visit.

I am a little worried! My friend Smithy Skeeter disappeared from a park across from the stadium. But I know that you believe in my mission and you will help me move along. Just have me back by May so I can watch my favorite Skeeter baseball team.

My identity changes each time you view me. But I think that I am quite cute with a long, strong green body and great looking orange legs. I am a bit flat but trying to bulk up for baseball season.


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