History Alive! meets Wallwisher

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I am wondering how many teachers are as lucky as the teacher’s in my district. We have the interactive history program, History Alive!, and an entire team of professionals to keep our technology in the classroom up-to-date. The difficulty facing us as teachers is how to work efficiently. Sometimes that means cutting out some of our favorite activities due to time contraints, and more often, it requires us to merge our ideas into one feasible lesson. This has been our task this first 9 weeks of school. This week we used a History Alive! activity focusing on Roanoke, Jamestowns and Plymouth arrivals. Next students recorded new information that they had learned, further questions that they had, and inferences that they had made. Finally, students used Wallwisher to post their comments. I noticed that my students need more reinforcement on inferences. Great activity to see where my students were in reading. Next week we will use http://en.linoit.com/ with our iPads to record inferences with our Global Read Aloud book, Ivan the One and Only. This will be my first time using it in class but I have heard great things about the site.


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