Eat cake with a lion and Skype with a bear

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Well technically you won’t be talking directly to the bear but close enough! Today I found a great series of iPad apps on my PLN with Twitter and fell in love with each one. The apps were designed by Math Pentagon and for one year the company is allowing teachers to download their Math!!! app for students after teachers apply on the Math Pentagon site at There are many virtual problems for the students to complete. I liked Fractions!!! at!!!/id521530872?mt=8. Students work on problems using a stylus and problems can be saved and later reviewed by the teacher.

Place the iPads with Fractions!!! in a center after you read the book Lion’s Share: A Tale of Halving Cake and Eating it Too by Matthew McElligott. This book is an outstanding book on fractions. I really like the Pastry Party activity developed by Ann Conway on the McElligott website at . Place the lesson Circular Story Structure activity at in a center after the students create their paper models. This might be messy but worth the fun.

I have mentioned several times the importance of developing a professional list outside of education to help enrich the class with videoconferencing or Skype. Today I found a site called Field Trip Earth that will allow classrooms to submit questions to be considered for a Skype discussion with field researchers. The site also allows classes to take virtual trips around the world at (a computer station will give you a better presentation with an interactive world map). This site is a project of the North Carolina Zoological Society. I would place this link on iPads in a center and see if students can find more information about endangered lions and perhaps another animal that they find interesting.


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