Say goodbye to flying rubberbands with Geoboards app

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Read The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns, and while your students are introduced to polygons, allow your students to use their geoboards to create shapes. Teachers may now incorporate their iPads with the the app Geoboard, by the Math Learning Center. This app also allows students to fill in their figures after they are created. Multiple figures are also allowed.

Geometry is always fun to teach and I use the book Grandfather Tang’s Story by Ann Topert. Go ahead and place the book in a literacy center and allow your students to make original shapes. My only guidelines are that they use all of the pieces and that they are all touching in some way.

The Birdville Independent School District in Haltom City, Texas has some wonderful lessons on their website that may be placed in a center. I like the teacher (teacher anonymous) lesson, “Tangram Areas” in the style of Mariyln Burns. The activity gives students the opportunity to use pieces to find the total area of their animals from the tangram book. I like how the activity shows students the concept of area and also, as the lesson author mentioned, gives the teacher an indicator on where the student’s skills have developed for fractions. Students will be required to suport their answers in writing.


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