Worldwide project to become climate experts

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This past year I found our fifth grade students struggling with the concept of the difference between climate and weather. Try the Mystery Class Project. The planning for the 2013 is already underway with a search for classes outside North America.

Classrooms use longitude, latitude, sunrise and sunset times and clues from other classrooms to search for the Mystery Classroom. This project is supported by Journey North. Journey North is another outstanding site that allows students to follow Northern Migration.

This project looks like an excellent way for students to use their reasoning skills to track data and increase their math abilities in the classroom.

The book Math for all Seasons by Greg Tang might be a great way for students to start on the weather and climate science curriculum. The book is great for increasing math skills by grouping, and contains the much needed poetry for our students. Perhaps you can read one or two of the riddles and allow students to solve the riddles. Place the book in a literacy center and have students create their own math riddles using poetry.


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