Amazing NEW physics app for class

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The emerging scientist can read the nominated graphic novel Bluebonnet book Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke. This would be a great take home homework book. I think that this book would also work in a literacy center as an ongoing chapter book that could most likely be finished rather quickly.

Read the award book, Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg. Allsburg is an outstanding writer, and this book along with many of his others may be used to teach inferencing.

In another literacy center after your students are finished with both books, students may use their journals for the prompt: Discuss the differences and similarities of the actions of both main characters. See if they come up with the fact that one character follows directions and the other character decided to just go ahead and touch the read button when warned otherwise.

In another literacy center, bring in technology and science and tell students that if they want to dream big they need to get a good education and design better spacecraft for our world. What better way to get them excited than a phyics app for their iPads. Play the new game Monster Physics Lite at This is a new app and seriously kept me busy for an entire day. Not to be outdone by mom, my science college bound 18-year-old showed me Cut the Rope today at This program involves physics too and is seriously addicting!


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