Read about mangroves in Eritrea and become inspired with Project Noah ipad app

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The award 2012 ALA notable award winning book Mangrove Tree: Planting Trees to Feed Families by Susan L. Roth may be used in so many ways to teach. I would use it when teaching about ecosystems and climates. In a center, upload your iPads with the free Project Noah app You may also use the Project Noah site now being tested for use in classrooms at

Using Project Noah, students can search pictures of plants and animals already uploaded in countries around the world, or students can go on missions and find their own nature to upload. There are missions for students in urban areas that look terrific.

Go to the site of author Susan L. Roth and consider participating in the “Let’s Hold Hands!” project at This site will encourage students to think about others around the world and will make a great literacy center. Perhaps your student can take a picture of their self portrait doll and describe their best character traits.

To understand good character traits, students may read Shel Silverstein’s, The Giving Tree, and work in a computer literacy center at designed by Jenna Rizzo. Students may work on character development as an ongoing proejct. Create a tree in your room and laminate leaves throughout the year to show examples of students’ good deeds.

In another center create higher level questions for students to discuss in their journals. One possible prompt would be to discuss what examples of The Giving Tree are fiction and what are non-fiction with examples. Compare and Contrast to the content in Mangroves.


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