Hot Diggity! Use BrainPOP

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Use books on interesting inventions to get your students excited about reading. Read the Bluebonnet nominated book Hot Diggity Dog: The Invention of the Hot Dog. Use this book in a lesson to introduce the characteristics of non-fiction writing and brainstorm the different ways authors organize information (problem and solution, chronological, cause and effect, etc). Students can create a Venn with three circles and determine how they would like to compare the remaining 2 books on inventions.

Place the book, Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum in a second literacy center. Students may add to their Venn diagrams and write in their journal in response to this prompt: Determine how advances in scientific experimentation led to the development of these inventions. This might be a good week to plan a lesson in the scientific method to investigate loss of mass in gum containing sugar.

In a third center allow your students to read The Popcorn Book and add to their diagram. Provide the fantastic BrainPop iPad app and allow your students to view the Nutrition video and an opportunity to answer the provided questions. If you subscribe to BrainPop there are many other movies to pick from. Also, check out the featured movie of the day to see if it might be relevant.

Another center could allow your students to research an invention picked by the student. Allow them to use iPads and iPods to create original prensentations for their results.


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