Create your own fairy tales with iPad Book Creator

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There are so many ways to teach fairy tales and folk tales. One way to get started this year is with the new nominated Bluebonnet book, Clever Jack Takes the Cake.

In a center for iPads, students can use a ThinkQuest to learn about the characterics of a fairy tale found at the Bluebonnet committee site at

In another center with iPads, students can use the app Book Creator at to create wonderful original fairy tale books that can be displayed at the iBookstore. I realize that this app is not free but I think that I will get a lot of use out of the advanced technology. Stay tuned for student examples in the fall.

At a computer center your students can create interactive fairy tale story maps at Read Write Think located at If your students need more time, they can take a screen shot of their maps and save them on the computer.

On another day, your students may record their maps in their journals or create a draft of their story. They can work in an iPod center using the Story Kit app and create original art directly in the iPad using stories with complete sentences. You can e-mail the finished book to an e-mail account, but you can only attach a link. I much prefer the Puppet Pals with the inexpensive purchase of the director’s pass, and create your own characters and settings to upload at An example of using Puppet Pals on at The example is half way down the page.

Don’t forget to vary your instruction. Use Readers Theatre at (credit also to Bluebonnet committee site). Students can record their presentations and play them back to critique their fluency.


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