Map your adventures with History Maps App

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I have only just started this new class website and it is already getting out of control. On one level, I would like to create pages by subjects, but with the need to teach across the curriculum areas in such a short time makes me want to keep everything together on one spot. So today I stay with social studies and bounce into Monday with a great science app for ipads.

With History: Maps of the World Map, you can have students zoom in on maps as you are discussing events in history. I found the map on the colonies very helpful for fifth grade because it shows where each country settled in the colonies. Let students use this app while you are involved with your History Alive units and keep a Promethean interactive map on the board to get students orientated.

Read the new nominated Bluebonnet book, “Escape Under the Forever Sky” and have your students find Ethopia. Assign specific groups to find the distance in miles to Ethopia using Google Earth. Students can present their findings to the class, and the remaining groups can keep a journal page with a map of location settings of each book for the year.

I find it is always good to give students some type of journal project to keep them involved and hold them accountable.


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